Timothy A. McGinty is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and success coach who believes in giving back to the local community and the world. Prior to establishing Imagine Yourself…, Mr. McGinty was a partner in an Information Technology firm in northeast Ohio. This organization was born out of the desire to assist small and medium-sized businesses make better use of technology in achieving their goals. It was during this time that Mr. McGinty recognized his desire to assist everyone in taking their lives to the next level. This led him on his current path of bringing the strategies and tools to those who seek to do more, get more, and experience more out of their lives.

Imagine Yourself… enables clients to “breakthrough” in achieving their success. Mr. McGinty has helped many organizations and individuals around the world discover their passion, define the life balance they seek, develop strategies for achieving that balance, and held them accountable for reaching their goals. Our clients have been so successful they refer to Mr. McGinty as "The Breakthrough Authority". Mr. McGinty has worked with such organizations as The Anthony Robbins Companies and Dr. Marshall Golfmisth's GK Training.

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February 21 10:00am-12:00pm 
Power Success Coaching Workshop


February 23 6:30pm-9:00pm 
Get Unstuck Workshop


March 7 10:00am-12:00pm 
Couples Workshop


March 2810:00am-12:00pm  
Parents Workshop



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In order to achieve success, you must have clearly defined paths and balanced existence so you walk your path with confidence and conviction.

Mr McGinty provides assistance for both organizations and individuals. While each is unique and different, they are all very similar.

Imagine Yourself having comfort in knowing that you are on the path that is right for you. Define your path and gain the clarity, focus, and confidence to get what you want.

Imagine Yourself having the life balance you desire, in every part of your life. Balance between family, friends, work, hobbies, and recreation. Walk your path with confidence and conviction. You can have it all!

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