February 21 10:00am-12:00pm 
Power Success Coaching Workshop


February 23 6:30pm-9:00pm 
Get Unstuck Workshop


March 7 10:00am-12:00pm 
Couples Workshop


March 2810:00am-12:00pm  
Parents Workshop



Coming Dec 2008 & Jan 2009!!

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Coaching Services

Imagine Yourself  living your life, on your terms, just the way you want it!

Imagine Yourself felling great and loving everyday! The sky is bluer, birds chirping happier, the grass greener, your entire world better! See yourself smiling and hear yourself laughing again. Imagine Yourself finally being all you want to be!

Reaching your goals is so important to you. You want and need a special coach. A coach who will listen and accept you totally, without judgment. You want a coach that uses the latest tools and technologies to help you breakthrough so you can be all you can be. You want and need to work with Timothy A McGinty, "The Breakthrough Authority"!

You will:

Work with "The Breakthrough Authority"!

BREAKTHROUGH whatever is holding you back!

Learn thought patterns that aide you in moving forward

Execute the strategies you need to succeed!

Get what you want!


Regardless of where you are, Mr. McGinty, "The Breakthrough Authority" can help!

Take the first step in moving towards your greatest desires. Select one of the standard Coaching Programs Below or contact Mr. McGinty at tim@timothymcgnity.com or (440) 236-6519 to discuss a custom coaching program designed specifically for you!

Click the title of the program you want to purchase.


Coaching Services


Power Success Coaching Session     $50             


Success Coaching 1 - 1 hour session  $150         


Success Coaching: 2 - 1 hour sessions   $300      


Success Coaching: 6 - 1 hour sessions $900        


Success Coaching: 12 - 1 hour sessions $1800   


Success Coaching: 24 - 1 hour sessions $3600   


5th Level Coaching Program: 5 month program $4500     


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Assessment Tools

Priorities(Values) Assessment incl. debrief session  $250                 

This assessment determines “Why” you are taking the actions you are today.


Behavioral Assessment incl. debrief session  $250                              

These assessments are based on DiSC which represents the four based behavior styles individuals use to achieve results. This is the "HOW" you do what you do.


Axiological Assessment incl. debrief session  $250                             

This assessments enable you to discover “WHY”  and “WHAT” you or an organization will do in a given situation.


Team Dynamics Assessment $1250                                                         

By combining the previous Axiological assessment results of team members, this assessment enable you to determine ‘WHY”, “HOW”, and “WHAT” a team will do in a given situation.


Career Evolution 6 month online-live coaching combo    $1200       

             A unique program called Career Evolution (which is  combination of on-line and phone
             based coaching). Career Evolution program provides 80% of the value of coaching
             at 20% of the cost! 



Family Business Assessment  $400                                                          

The Family Business Assessment is specifically designed to address issues common to family-owned and family-operated businesses


Business Financial Assessment   $2500                                                 

This assessment includes two detailed studies: Financial Analysis Comparison and Trends Report (FACTS), an extensive financial evaluation of your company compared to industry averages or norms and FLOW, your Cash Flow Analysis.


Employee Satisfaction Survey    $600                                                       

This survey reveals the truth about how your employees really feel about their careers and your organization. Open door policies are great but when was teh last time some one walked in to say how they really felt?


Quality DiSCovery   $600                                                                               

Having the complete strategic picture of what your strengths and weaknesses are, along with how they map to the opportunities and threats in the market is absolutely vital for organizational success. Our Quality DISCover Assessment deliver the awareness and understanding you need to achieve your goals!


DiSCovery High Performance Hiring                     CUSTOM PRICING - CALL (440) 236-6519 FOR PRICING

DISCoverY High Performance Hiring will enable you to hire candidates that match your company’s culture, are well suited for the position, and will contribute to your organizations success more naturally.


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